The Louisville Doula Project offers a sliding scale model to provide birth doula services. This enables us to work with pregnant people and families that could otherwise not afford a doula.

Doula support can cost anywhere from $500-$1500 in the Louisville area.


If you have a combined income of $20,000 and hiring a doula would be a hardship, we offer free services. 


Sliding Scale: $400-$1000

How does the sliding scale work? 


The top price is the actual price of doula services, including prenatal, birth planning, 24/7 support before and during labor, and a postpartum visit.  If you choose a price below that you can look at it as receiving a discount.


The middle prices are for those who are able to meet their basic needs but have little-to-no expendable income. Paying for the services may qualify as a sacrifice but it would not create a hardship.


The bottom price is for those who struggle to meet basic needs and paying for this class would still be a significant hardship.

We would love to serve all of the pregnant people in our community, but our capacity is limited. Please fill out the application below for consideration. We will follow up within five business days. 


If urgent email louisvilledoulaproject@gmail or call.


Please click "Request/Referral Form" and it will take you to the application.